Working with Lynda has far exceeded my expectations

Today knowing your product or service and being good at it is not enough to create a successful online business. It is also necessary to have a great interactive website, an aptitude for internet technology, and a handle on social media. In the past, I have paid for websites to be built, then been abandoned.

A lack of understanding of the inner workings of my website coupled with social media being something I struggle to grasp, daily rendered me incapable of being able to capitalize on my investment and despairing of my online business ever coming to fruition. That is until Lynda came into my life.

Scullywag Services fulfill the criteria required by any start-up or small business wanting to create or build their business and be competitive online. Lynda is just as invested in the success of my business as I am.

She works closely with me, tapping into the vast depth of her resources to translate the ideas in my head into something tangible. Lynda is a born educator, she has taught me as we went along, suggesting ways I can capitalize on the many forums available through social media to showcase my business ideas.

She put things in place so that I or anyone else can manage my website if I choose to go forward without her; Not going to happen!

My websites are amazing and easy to navigate. Working with Lynda has far exceeded my expectations in every way. I once enquired of Lynda what motivated her in business, and she replied “the joy of helping others succeed”. You can’t ask for more than that.

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