What to do when you receive these emails… SEO Services

When you have a business website, it doesn’t take long before you attract people wanting to sell you their products or services. One type of email you will likely receive many times involves people trying to sell you their SEO (search engine optimization) services. An example of these types of emails is below. 

Greeting of the day! I was checking your website on behalf this email (name of your website in here) and see you have a good design and it looks great, but it’s not ranking on Google and other major search engine. I’m a SEO Expert and I helped over 250 businesses rank on the (1st Page on Google). My rates are very affordable. Let me know what you think.

Reputable SEO companies do not send out random emails

There are many reputable SEO experts out there, and they likely can boost your website’s SEO but they aren’t spamming random email addresses. Many of these “SEO experts” that email you (often via your website contact form) are scams or cannot give you the results they promise. Don’t be surprised to get a phone call from one or more of these services as time goes by. The fact that they found you is a good sign in an ironic kind of way.

Black Hat vs White Hat SEO practices

Ranking on the first page of Google is what many of these “SEO experts” will promise, but this is a lot more difficult than they make it out to be. If they do manage to get you on the first page of Google it may very well be via Black Hat SEO (shady, shonky practices) as opposed to White Hat SEO (legitimately).

Depending on how popular your business category is, and how many major players may have already established themselves on the first page of Google, this may be a very lofty claim. Add in that Google is regularly updating its algorithm, and even if they do get you to the first page of Google, there is no guarantee that you are going to stay there. Google is often quick to detect and penalize Black Hat SEO and the websites that use them.

What to do with these emails?

My advice would be to ignore them. This applies to any SEO company that phones you and starts pushing for you to sign up with them. When you are ready to improve your SEO there are reputable SEO companies and copywriters that are likely to provide a much better return on investment for you.