Hosting, Care & Content Package (per month)


Everything you need to keep your website up and running, including website hosting, website care and an hour each month to update your website with new content.

  • Website hosting for up to 5 000 website visitors a month (valued at $15/month).
  • Essentials Website Care package that ensures your website remains secure and keeps running smoothly. (valued at $19/month)
  • Monthly website report to inform you of how your website is performing.
  • An hour of my time to update your website with new content (supplied by you), such as adding events to your event calendar or adding a blog post. (valued at $75/hour)


Save $10 per month by paying for all this in one package rather than individually

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Once your website design is completed, you still need to do many things to ensure that your website remains online, is secure, and starts working for you to maximize your investment in it.

Website hosting needs to be maintained, otherwise, your website will not be online. You can think of website hosting as “internet rent” that you pay so that your website can be online.

Websites are constantly being attacked, and you need to ensure that your website is not compromised.  When building your website I include security plugins to decrease the threat of someone hacking your website, but this is not enough. There are components of a website (plugins, themes, WordPress versions, etc) that need to be monitored and updated when necessary so that backdoor vulnerabilities are not left open for a hacker to gain access to your website.

The website care plans I offer are not bulletproof, nothing is. However, if you are on one of my website care packages, then updates will be promptly attended to. This often requires at least daily monitoring of your website, as there are numerous updates that cover new features or patching vulnerabilities in plugins. Sometimes when updating these plugins, the website breaks. This is why your care package includes two different sets of backups, one of which is offsite. If a plugin update messes with your website, returning your website to its prior state is included in the website care package cost.

After investing in having your website built for you, it is only natural that you would like to see some return on that investment. However, websites should not be “set and forget”. It is not a matter of “build it and they will come”.

People need to know that your website exists, and have a reason to visit and to continue to visit your website. Content marketing, or creating and promoting content that will appeal to your target audience, will drive people to your website. Social media posts, email newsletters, infographics, articles, and listing your events on your website and social media are all tactics that can bring visitors to your website.


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